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 1.We urge the Congress to make the passage of franchise reform legislation a top consumer priority this year. Consumers deserve, need and want real choice in video services as soon as possible. At the stunning rate of $260 every second nationwide, American consumers are seeing hard-earned dollars pour out of their pockets for a total of over $8.2 billion in annual savings that consumers are missing. We urge you to reject all unrelated amendments that may bog down the process and to enact legislation NOW that will send a strong signal to consumers that their Congress supports more choice and lower prices for cable and video services.

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Cable Competition Heading to the Senate Floor!Now that the Senate Commerce Committee has approved the “Communications, Consumer’s Choice, and Broadband Deployment Act of 2006” our attention must expand to the full Senate.A Senate floor vote may not occur for several weeks. In the interim, C4CC will be among those working for pro-consumer, pro-competition legislation, but the opposition will be working, too. Most lawmakers want to deliver competition this year, but they could easily lose track of this common ground as the opposition raises other issues. C4CC believes competition is the first step. Once we have it, we can address the other issues.Please take a moment to call your Senators’ offices and remind them that you want cable competition this year. Senators’ district phone numbers are listed on their home pages, which you can find via: Or send a letter to your Senators with our easy-to-use form.


Lawmakers’ Time = Consumers’ Money!! 
Every second that ticks by without competition in the cable television market means consumers lose real money. Need Proof? The lost savings will continue to pile up every day until competition is in the marketplace! View the savings lost since the beginning of 2006…